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S.Ú.A.S. - Stand Up Against Suicide - Hip Hop Night at Workman's

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

The Workman's Club, Dublin, October 14th

Written by Elina Filice

A dream team of independent artists in the Dublin hip-hop scene threw a collaborative gig in support of Pieta House in the Workman's on October 10th. They came together to stand up against the stigma around mental health, self-harm, and suicide. Over €1000 was raised for Pieta House in aid of suicide prevention in the very first instalment of S.Ú.A.S., Stand Up Against Suicide.

The moment I walked into the Workman's main room I noticed the incredible vibe of the place. The atmosphere was light and welcoming, but there seemed to be a common understanding that there was a greater purpose at play. The sheer numbers in attendance showed the demand for urban/ hip-hop spaces in Dublin. Another thing that became clear on the night is the abundance of rising hip-hop talent in the city.

The artists involved are all mental health advocates, and have used their music, voices, and social media platforms to discuss the topic of mental health. Every single artist spoke during their set of how their mental health has affected them, their career, and their artistry. The commitment to the cause and bravery of these artists was nothing short of inspiring.

There was an air of resilience throughout the night, emanating from not only the performers but also the audience, as the topic of mental heath and suicide is one that everyone can relate to on some level. It was so deeply cathartic to be in an environment where it was being spoken about openly and candidly, as mental health concerns among young people, especially musicians and artists, are rampant in our communities yet often ignored and not spoken of.

Gerry D opened the show, followed by Sean X, Aaron J, and Uppbeat. DeejayT was on the decks and between sets. The intermission contained a documentary about mental health, "I Am," created by Mister KYB who also MC'd the night. Tolu Makay performed a moving song, followed by Adrian Lenz. A talk from Counsellor Yemi Adenuga nearly brought me to tears, as she spoke of the importance of community and belonging, her presence was Sunday preacher meets cool aunt, and the room was captivated by her wisdom. Ari Noir took the stage next, followed by Celaviedmai, and the unstoppable Daly, who is known for using his music to talk about the emotional and mental health challenges artists face, and the sacrifices necessary to live a creative life. The night was finished off by rising alternative R&B artist, MA-KA, who delivered an energetic and passionate performance with her newly formed band. Though exceedingly humble and the first to give credit back to her team rather than take it herself, MA-KA was also the lead organizer of the night, and I’m sure was behind how smoothly it ran.

She says, “Too many people- young people especially- are suffering in silence and as a result, they end up harming themselves or even taking their own lives. Using our talents, we want to show our support, raise awareness and raise funds so that people can avail of the free support from Pieta House - an organization that provides a therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. This is a night where we can get together, build each other up, and give back to our community.” - MA-KA (Maka Attoh)

The event was sponsored by Four Star Pizza, (free pizza was a hit). Impressive raffle prizes were in high demand, which generated healthy proceeds that were directly donated to Pieta House in support of suicide prevention.

For more information about S.Ú.A.S. or interested sponsors please contact:

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