Creative Coaching, Consulting, & Marketing for
Artists and Creative Businesses 

- I work with artists and businesses to find direction, set goals, and determine the steps needed to achieve those goals. Together, we plan and implement strategies that lead to growth and success. 

- We make marketing and growth manageable with a focus on content, branding, classic and modern marketing strategies, and online & offline approaches to building momentum. 

Digital Marketing.

- Let me help you find direction, devise a business plan, set goals and timelines, plan and implement growth strategies and marketing campaigns. 

Social Media, Content Strategy & Branding. 

- Lets take a look at your socials and website to make sure they are preforming optimally  

- Lets put a content strategy in place to start telling your story


PR Services.

- Constructing effective press releases, reaching out to press, blogs, radio

- Getting press and radio air time

- Constructing a cohesive PR Campaign, helping you build your network and CRM

Writing Services.

- Press Releases, Bios, EPKs

Content Creation.

- Let's create content that tells your story 

- Photography 

- Wix Website Creation 

New Music Release Strategies.

- See below

The Red Vine Release Strategy 
Marketing Campaigns for
New Music 

Releasing new music is crucial point in an artist's career; an opportunity for growth and outreach that most artists can’t afford to waste. But- releasing music is hard. There are many different elements to think about, factors to consider, and moving parts.


That’s why I created the Red Vine Release Strategy, an action-based approach to releasing new music in a way that builds momentum, nurtures a fan base, and keeps artists' sane.

Part 1: Master Strategy.

- Devise a holistic plan outlining the main elements of the release, set goals 

- Big Decisions Checklist, Pre-release + Post Release Checklists 


Part 2: Branding + Content.

- Discuss how the music will be visually positioned 

- Graphics, imagery, promo shoots 

- Construct a Content Planner


Part 3: Release Calendar + Weekly Tasks.

- Visually map out the release on a Release Calendar

- Decide what weekly tasks we need to accomplish to reach our goals


Part 4: Press Strategy + Social Media Strategy.

- Devise a plan to reach out to press (blogs & radios) to get press coverage of the release
- Social Media which will be our main tool to share the process and tell your story.

Part 5: Targeting and Outreach.

Getting your hard work in front of the right people

- Paid promotions and advertising 

~ Every release is different, and the Red Vine release strategy is designed to be customized to each individual and their specific needs. 

~ Yet to release music or between releases? I work with artists and businesses at all points in their career, to make a plan, and focus on short and long term goals.There are lots of ways to focus on growth and content even when you don’t have a big release coming up. 

Other services & benefits of working with Red Vine:

- Songwriting Workshopping

- Studio Assistance/ Studio Planning

- Professional representation

- Building your management team

- Professional & creative development

- Gaining industry knowledge

- Professional guidance and advice

- Access to my network