Creative Coaching, Consulting, & Marketing for
Artists and Creative Businesses 

~ I work with artists and businesses to find direction, set goals, and determine the steps needed to achieve those goals. Together, we plan and implement strategies that lead to growth and success. 

~ Red Vine has a focus on content, branding, classic and modern marketing strategies, online & offline approaches to building momentum. 

General Consulting & Marketing.

- Let me help you find direction, devise a business plan, set goals and timelines, plan and implement growth strategies and PR campaigns. 

Social Media & Content Strategies. 

- Lets take a look at your socials and website to make sure they are preforming optimally  

- Lets put a content strategy in place to start telling your story


PR Services.

- Constructing effective press releases, reaching out to press, blogs, radio

- Getting reviews and radio air time

- Constructing a cohesive PR Campaign, helping you build your network and CRM

Writing Services.

- Press Releases, Bio’s, EPKs

Content Creation.

- Lets create content that tells your story 

- Photography & Live Videos

- Wix Website Creation 

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The Red Vine Release Strategy 
Management & PR Campaigns for
New Music 

Releasing new music is crucial point in an artist's career; an opportunity for growth and outreach that most artists can’t afford to waste. But- releasing music is hard. There are so many different elements to think about, factors to consider, and moving parts.


That’s why I created the Red Vine Release Strategy, an action-based approach to releasing new music in a way that builds momentum, nurtures a fan base, and keeps artists' sane.

Part 1: Master Strategy.

- Devise a holistic plan outlining the main elements of the release, set goals 

- Big Decisions Checklist, Pre-release + Post Release Checklists 


Part 2: Branding & Content.

- Discuss how the music will be visually positioned 

- Graphics, imagery, promo shoots 

- Construct a Content Planner


Part 3: Release Calendar + Weekly Tasks.

- Visually map out the release on a Release Calendar

- Decide what weekly tasks we need to accomplish to reach our goals


Part 4: Press Strategy + Social Media Strategy.

- Devise a plan to reach out to press (blogs & radios) to get press coverage of the release
- Social Media which will be our main tool to share the process and tell your story.

Part 5: Targeting and Outreach.

Getting your hard work in front of the right people

- Paid promotions and advertising 

~ Every release is different, and the Red Vine release strategy is designed to be customized to each individual and their specific needs. 

~ Yet to release music or between releases? In another creative field but looking for coaching? I work with artists and businesses at all points in their career, to make a plan, and focus on short and long term goals.There are lots of ways to focus on growth and content even when you don’t have a big release coming up. 

Other services & benefits of working with Red Vine:

- Songwriting Workshopping

- Studio Assistance/ Studio Planning

- Professional representation

- Building your management team

- Professional & creative development

- Gaining industry knowledge

- Professional guidance and advice

- Access to my network

What people say about Red Vine & working with Elina

Lisa Gorry: "It’s fair to say that without the help and passion of Elina at Red Vine, my debut single wouldn’t have been as successful. I had no clue just how much went into getting a track out into the world and Elina’s understanding of how to creatively promote a single in the streaming era enabled me to build momentum towards the release, which then carried post release. Her custom release calendar helped me, as an independent artist working another full-time job, to focus on what needed to be done and broke down the mammoth task into smaller, manageable to do lists. Nothing was too blue sky an idea, so long as I was willing to go the extra mile, and I always felt supported. I would recommend Elina and Red Vine to any new independent artist, for a personalized and passionate approach to creative music promotion."

Together Lisa and I planned her debut single release and launch party, her first headline show, which sold out. The single gained dozens of shares, and 3.5k streams in under a month. More importantly, we designed a content strategy that shared Lisa's story, and the debut single process. It's always a pleasure working with someone as dedicated and talented as Lisa!

MA-KA: "If I could give Elina more than 5/5 stars, I would. She provides such a professional, carefully curated service, that I can 100% say contributed towards my development as an independent artist. Her services such as providing consultative advice, marketing and media strategies, image and brand development, press management have helped to elevate my career in the music industry. While taking a very structured approach, she genuinely cares about the artists she works with, and she has taught me valuable skills that I can use in future campaigns. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to take your music career to the next level! She can help you get where you want to be for sure!"

I worked with MA-KA on her sophomore single. Though she has a strong eye for content already, together we created a big picture plan as well as ironed out finer details of the release. We also put together a thorough press strategy that resulted in the single being shared by Nialler9 and District Magazine, among others outlets. I admire MA-KA's hard work and vision!

Finn O'Reily (The Finnjamins): "I have loved working with Elina. She has made the process of marketing a lot easier to understand. She gives clear instructions on what needs to be done and helps you achieve it with a well constructed timeline. It has been a real pleasure working with her."

Finn has all the big ideas and a strong creative vision, he just needs a bit of structure and a plan on how to deliver it and get this out to the world! Together we've designed releases for three of his singles and music videos. 

Keenan Flannery: "I worked with Elina for the launch of my second single and my first ever headline show and the hype and talk that I got behind the launch would never of happened if I tried to go at it on my own. She helped me get the single out to the masses with really interesting and out of the box ways to get people interested and she was always willing to lend a hand with stuff she didn't need to like setting up on the night of the launch etc. She really cares about your art as if it's her own which is exactly what you need when it comes to promoting your work!!! I've learned so much about the music industry and music promotion from her and this was the first of many times I will be working with her."

Kenan was such a great client to work with because he's the kind of person who takes all the ideas I suggested and amplifies them. It was great to seem him starting to enjoy the media/ storytelling side of the release process, and his tireless work ethic made him even more of a pleasure to work with!

Rebecca Locke: "Elina truly brought my first single to life! Releasing music nowadays is endlessly complicated and can be intimidating, but with Elina and Red Vine Music’s help it became one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Elina’s expert release strategies are tailored to each artist, and she provides unique and useful advice to every artist she takes on. There were days when I felt like there was all too much to do and I didn’t know where to start, but Elina picked me up and dusted me off and walked me through it step by step and for that I’m so grateful. When I talk to Elina, it feels like I’m talking to a friend who cares and wants me to succeed- and knows just how to do it! Storytelling is my passion, and working with Elina at Redvine ensured that I got to share my stories to the right audiences and in the most effective way. Thank you Elina!"

I loved helping Rebecca's vision come to life! Her release involved several moving parts (videos, gigs, etc,) and I was able to help her structure it in a way that kept her sane and her audience engaged. I loved seeing the branding and aesthetic qualities of this release come together! 

Jade Renee: "Elina was very attentive, responsive and willing to jump on a call whenever it was needed. In the lead up to my debut single release- she kept everything on track and was very encouraging throughout. I would definitely recommend any independent artist in Dublin to reach out to her, it’ll give them the structure needed to be successful."

It was great working with Jade on her single release. She's a first class singer and performer and it was great helping her tell her story and plan a successful single launch, her first headline show!

Aqilah: "As a young artist, I'd say my previous idea of what it takes to create music was quite romanticized. Without Elina's direction, I think the process of creating my EP would have not only been a more challenging and lengthy journey, but a less rewarding one. Elina was able to effectively explain to me how to produce and release my music while keeping it incredibly engaging. When working with her, I was always assured she cared about me and my music, and I very much enjoyed each session I worked with her."

I loved working with Aqilah on the release of her EP! She's a great songwriter with a story to tell, and it was great being able to accompany her through the journey of her first release. 

Eva: "Elina and I co-wrote ‘Endless’ in college and after a year we decided to release it. She was incredibly enthusiastic and motivating during the whole process. Her organisation and separation of tasks are curated to make it manageable and less overwhelming. Elina goes over and beyond for her clients and her passion for the music really comes through in the way she works. I loved working with her and you will too."

It was great working with Eva to release this song, we wrote it together and its one of my favourites!  We've always had a strong creative connection so it was great working on this release with her.

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