Business Development & Project Management. 

- I work with artists & creative businesses to find direction, create a business plan, set goals and timelines, and implement growth strategies and marketing campaigns. 

- Implement structures and processes that make your business better, more efficient, giving you more time for the creative stuff 

- Leverage project management tools, create workflows and automations

Digital Strategy: Social Media, Content Strategy & Branding. 

- Making sure your socials and website are preforming optimally  

- Putting a content strategy in place to start telling your story

- Branding & visual aspects 

- Wix Website Creation

PR Services.

- Let me guide you through DIY PR 

- Let's construct a cohesive PR Campaign, building your network and CRM

- How to reach out to press, blogs, radio

Writing Services.

- Press Releases, Bios, EPKs, social media copy,

  See Portfolio

New Music Release Strategies.

- See below

Music Marketing & Industry Knowledge. 

- Professional & creative development

- Recorded, live, and publishing industry knowledge

- Professional guidance and advice

- Songwriting workshopping

The Red Vine Release Strategy 
Launch Campaigns for New Music 

Releasing music effectively is crucial to any artist career. But it's a complex process that involves several different elements, from distribution and social media to to PR,  content, and beyond.


That’s why I created the Red Vine Release Strategy, a proven, structured approach to releasing new music in a way that builds momentum, nurtures a fan base, and keeps artists' sane.

Music Photography

- Brainstorm and create visual branding

- Single/album covers

- Content/promotional material

- Document a studio experience

- Capturing brand, vision and feeling