content creation

I specialize in portrait imagery, I'm passionate about music photography, and have a knack for capturing brand and feeling. Visual branding is important, and I can help you imagine and create visual content for your project.  Weather its creating content for a release, single/album covers, promotional material, capturing a live performance, or documenting a studio experience, I'm here to make sure your brand and vision shine through. 

I also create live performance videos, capturing a high quality live sound as well as engaging live performance video.  



Gig Photography 
Studio Photography

Live Videos

Live videos are a crucial content piece for any musical act. Live videos offer both audio and visual components: viewers can see what you look like and how you move, as well as hear your sound and witness a live performance. This kind of video content is vital for growing a fan base, booking gigs, and sharing your music. Live videos can also be kept low-budget and affordable. These can be recorded at a live gig or in a home/studio setting.