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Scattered Ashes live at Workmans

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Hosted by Gigonometry, The Workman's Club, Dublin, August 22nd

Written by Elina Filice

Scattered Ashes are a five piece post-punk band based in Dublin. Having formed at BIMM about a year ago, these bunch quickly took the indie scene by storm, having played several BIMM gigs as well as their own headline show.

They open with the tune, “I’ve Seen the Light.” Dreamy synth sounds and textured backup vocals from Eunice Saraiva make a fluffly bed for Rob’s distinct vocals to lay atop. His quick vibrato and unique style establish the Scattered Ashes sound. Bass and drums lay faithfully below synth and guitars. Nothing clashes; everything sits exactly where it needs to be.

The second song, “Sail West,” begins with a driving drum and bass. Spacey verses are contrasted with abundant choruses. The sound is full without being crowded, like the perfect amount of people at a gaf party. Synth and intentional guitar sounds only compliment the soundscape that is being created. Signature tele sounds from Pier highlight his ability to compel but not wank as a lead guitar player (a rare skill).

During “Crucible”, it keeps becoming clearer that these guys put on a strong live performance, with killer tunes to match. The song starts airy, but the chugging guitars building to a crescendo that would make the post-punk gods smile. Pensive vocals from Eunice contrast nicely with Rob’s intense delivery. Jake on drums keeps the tune going strong, like he’s the conductor on a train leading to Brit Pop heaven.

At this point in the gig, I seriously cannot get over Eunice’s vocals. They're so fucking dreamy. The atmosphere created by bass and drums are reminiscent of the Smiths. With the rest of the band on top, other bands like the Pixies, Interpol, Slow Dive, Moby, and Joy Division coming to mind.

Ok, we have to talk about the Finn dance. Mark my words, one day Finn will have to patent this dance, internet trends will centre around this dance, children in schools will do this dance in the schoolyard, etc. You have to see it.

Rob’s on-stage persona is the Holden Caulfield of punk (no phonies allowed). You can hear the angst and emotion in his voice, and damn do I dig those sad boi lyrics. I have to take a second to grill his sunglasses, which despite the heavy bop he was on while front-manning this impressive venture, stayed perfectly poised atop his head. #SadBoiSummer. Though usually very talkative on and offstage, he stayed elusive during this performance save for a cheeky “You’ve been great” about halfway through the set.

90s grunge with a flare of modern sadness that only people on a planet that is for sure dying this time can experience, this was a hell of a show. I predict this bunch will quickly become a household name in the Dublin scene, as they continue reminding us that Grunge Rock Is Not Dead Lads.

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